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Welcome I've been a very busy wife, mother, puppy sitter, wreath & silk floral designer for 25+ yrs. I've been interest in beautiful designs for as long as I remember. I've dreamed about having my own shop, where I can design & create pieces that are not only beautiful but unique & very colorful. That dream is now a reality! A huge thanks to my husband for donating office space for me, my son for all his help when needed & finally my daughter Melissa, a NYC Director of Marketing & Digital Media for teaching me about business, marketing & turning my hobby into a growing business. It started out just for family & friends, craft shows, open houses, now ETSY, eBay, twitter, & Facebook. Since I am now an official empty nester, I've expanded my business to decorating homes, business storefronts for the holidays, & staging homes for realtors. I really love what I do. I'll be happy to share my thoughts, decorating tips, creative ideas, my daily, sometimes crazy thoughts & adventures in the life of a mom, wife, floral/ holiday/home staging designer etc... Enjoy! Sandy

Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's Been Awhile! Merry Christmas!

Well, It's been a long time since I've had the time to sit and update my blog... so here it is!  It is now 1:16am on Christmas morning...so Merry Christmas!  My children are home (19 and 23) My husband and 3 dogs are fast asleep and I have a houseful of their friends... I just LOVE it!  I'm still up so I decided to get back to my blog.

I've been pretty busy since May working mainly on Christmas items for my Etsy shop and a few large craft shows. I just love holiday season and Christmas is my favorite time of year.  Family first of course but I really love creating my arrangements and my wreaths.

I especially love my snowman family arrangements!  They are so much fun to make especially the custom pieces that clients have certain requests for.  Maybe they have 3 children and want a Mom a Dad and the 3 children in a certain winter scene!  I just finished one with a Dad who loves the Phila. Flyers, Mom loves to ice skate and their daughter loves animals.  Came out so cute! (picture posted below)
Aside from working in my shop, my family, my dogs, my home, etc... I have recently given up my part time job to devote to all the above, my shop, my family, my dogs and most recently, decorating my own house for the holidays... before Christmas Eve!  Usually I am just throwing my own decorations together and this year I finally decided to start early, and put my talents to work in my own house!  Needless to say, I have 5 Christmas trees, wreaths in just about every room, swags, outside porch archway 9ft X 2ft garland, 2 6ft pencil trees on the porch, 9ft X 2ft garland on the stairway railing going to my 2nd floor not to mention all the snowmen arrangements throughout!  

My poor husband saw me working like a banchee and of course I had to do it myself, because I'm way too fussy.  He just looked and said "you need to stop, you don't have to do all this, it only has to come down and somebody has to put it away" !  I know exactly what he was thinking.... "I'm going to have to put this all away" and yep he is right haha! :)  But it does look beautiful, he and the kids love it and I'm happy I took the time and did it the right way! I plan on keeping it all up for awhile though, to enjoy ;)  (sneak peek below)
Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying their families and friends, and having a wonderful holiday weekend!  I'll try to be more attentive to my blog... After the New Year I will be busy in my shop working on Valentines Day and St. Patricks Day Wreaths and Arrangements.... I'm really excited about it!  I have alot of great unique ideas... Can't wait to get started.  It's been a great first year on Etsy and in my shop, and I'm hoping for an even better 2012... especially since I am now unemployed and now self employed!  I couldn't be happier in my new endeavor, hoping to open my shop in the Fall to the public and I'm really looking forward to a Great New Year!     

Have a great Christmas!  Sandy

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