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Welcome I've been a very busy wife, mother, puppy sitter, wreath & silk floral designer for 25+ yrs. I've been interest in beautiful designs for as long as I remember. I've dreamed about having my own shop, where I can design & create pieces that are not only beautiful but unique & very colorful. That dream is now a reality! A huge thanks to my husband for donating office space for me, my son for all his help when needed & finally my daughter Melissa, a NYC Director of Marketing & Digital Media for teaching me about business, marketing & turning my hobby into a growing business. It started out just for family & friends, craft shows, open houses, now ETSY, eBay, twitter, & Facebook. Since I am now an official empty nester, I've expanded my business to decorating homes, business storefronts for the holidays, & staging homes for realtors. I really love what I do. I'll be happy to share my thoughts, decorating tips, creative ideas, my daily, sometimes crazy thoughts & adventures in the life of a mom, wife, floral/ holiday/home staging designer etc... Enjoy! Sandy

Sunday, September 2, 2012



Well, It's September 2, 2012... I haven't been on here much at all lately...  but I'm not complaining... I've been spending some quality time with my Dad, some of it frightening most of it wonderful!  I've witnessed  what fighting spirit is, strength, happy tears, and not so happy tears. In only the last 6 months, after never really being sick... he has gone through and survived a heart attack, getting a pacemaker, congestive heart failure, kidney failure, and most recently pneumonia. Through it all, he seemed to be only be focused on getting better, being with his family, his dog, going fishing, cutting his grass, baking and cooking again!  As hard as it was to face reality, he seemed to give myself and my brothers the strength we needed to deal with how truly sick he was.  His constant sense of humor, his ability to never focus on the severity of his situation made every day of constant worry turn into just enjoying every single minute with him.

As we get older and our parents get older, the tables start to turn.  My Dad,  who raised and supported 3 children by himself, after my Mom died when we were just 15, 13, and 9, always a very proud man... needed his children.  You seem to never think that you are going to get that phone call.  We all take life for granted without ever realizing it sometimes... and then reality hits... "Sis, I think I need to go to the hospital".

As we sat in the emergency room (for WAYYYYY too long) I was asked to leave.  I just sat and reminisced about the past... realized so much and although I've always told him I love him every time we talk or I see him ... he was never given the credit he deserved... no one's always perfect, but are any of us?  But, when I think back my Dad was all we had. Not an easy task to take on 3 young children.

It seems that when you grow up and mature you realize what was important and what was not...  I won't even focus on the unimportant... because it is just that!  What was important is learning that a smile or a stupid joke can make a bad day better.  That you don't need a lot to be happy, that material things, although are great, do not make you a better, happier person. LOTS of tears (my dad and I  and I'm thinking my brothers (although they would never admit it) are criers haha) happy or not, are ok... showing how you feel, telling people you love them when you feel it is so much more important than the negative energy that over takes so many of us.  Doing what you enjoy, even though sometimes... it will never make you rich... makes you a better person in so many ways.  Finding time to care and sacrificing your time and energy for someone else when they need you...  is priceless... not an inconvenience.

These good qualities that my brother's and I watched & learned from my dad are something so special that  as adults, we are all passing down to our own children, who we all adore... it's made all three of us the parents, the people, the sister, the brothers, and now Eddy and Bobby as grandparents (yes grandparents ;)  we are.  We learned that through heartache and tragedy, family, unconditional love, hard work, sacrifice and just being there in good and bad times, respecting ourselves and others and forgiveness .... are the most important lessons we ever learned.

Through all of this we do have to thank our Dad... Today is his "82nd" Birthday and we are all going to celebrate together, family and friends.... I am soooo happy to say that he is finally doing terrific,  feeling much better, pneumonia is gone, the other conditions, although still there, are under control.  I look at every day now as a gift and so grateful for more time.... He already went fishing with his buddy this week, made me 2 of his six million dollar cakes, cut his grass, and VERY happy he is home with his dog Tina!

Happy Birthday Dad... You are so loved....

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Good Morning.... It's Sunday January 15th!

Hi... After a nasty week of bronchitis and a broke furnace (yes... during the coldest week of the winter so far) I'm finally starting to feel better!  I tried to work on a few things during the week but gave up and gave in to my illness and just stayed home for a few days... but woke up this morning feeling better so I'm looking forward to getting to my shop.  I'm all stocked up on all my silk flowers, wreaths, and everything else I need (at least for a few months ;) so today will be my day for focusing on Spring wreaths!  I have thousands of silk flowers surrounding me... I'll jack the heat up to 80 and pretend it's Spring!  I can't wait!

Valentine's day is right around the corner and I really love making different kind of heart wreaths!  My favorites are the silk rose heart wreaths.  I had enough materials to make 4 of them, I love how they came out and I may make a few more but with different Spring flowers!

My shop is almost organized the way I would like it to be and as soon as it's done I'll post pictures... I'm actually going to have my own office as well... I'm sooooo excited!  I wish I had a few more storage rooms but maybe that'll stop me from my serious addiction of buying WAY too many supplies... "just because they'e on sale" HAHA!!

My family surprised me with a new Samsung Tablet and Cannon Camera, which I LOVE, to make it easier for me with my business!  I was soooo  excited!  I'm never really one for getting Christmas gifts... Giving gifts to someone else makes me much happier... but I have to say, this year I was THRILLED!!!!!  Not only to have the convenience of the tablet and a camera that actuallly works, but mostly because of their support!       I think I can actually learn to enjoy receiving Christmas gifts too!! haha!

Anyway.... I'm off to my shop for a day of creating!!!!

Have a wonderful day!


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Getting Ready for 2012!

First of all it's been an amazing week having my children home and everyone together!  We've spent alot of family time... visiting relatives we haven't seen in awhile... ate WAY too much but like they say "new year, new you"! Diets here I come :)

After Christmas Sale...Now Going on..
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I already started adding my Valentines Day, St. Patricks Day items in my shop, along with a few sneak 
peaks at some Spring items. I'm really looking forward to putting the freezing weather behind me... so over it. So I BLAST the heat in my shop and surround myself with spring and summer flowers and bunnies for my arrangements....thinking positive! 

Anyway I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Years Eve!

Enjoy your day...I gotta run!


Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's Been Awhile! Merry Christmas!

Well, It's been a long time since I've had the time to sit and update my blog... so here it is!  It is now 1:16am on Christmas morning...so Merry Christmas!  My children are home (19 and 23) My husband and 3 dogs are fast asleep and I have a houseful of their friends... I just LOVE it!  I'm still up so I decided to get back to my blog.

I've been pretty busy since May working mainly on Christmas items for my Etsy shop and a few large craft shows. I just love holiday season and Christmas is my favorite time of year.  Family first of course but I really love creating my arrangements and my wreaths.

I especially love my snowman family arrangements!  They are so much fun to make especially the custom pieces that clients have certain requests for.  Maybe they have 3 children and want a Mom a Dad and the 3 children in a certain winter scene!  I just finished one with a Dad who loves the Phila. Flyers, Mom loves to ice skate and their daughter loves animals.  Came out so cute! (picture posted below)
Aside from working in my shop, my family, my dogs, my home, etc... I have recently given up my part time job to devote to all the above, my shop, my family, my dogs and most recently, decorating my own house for the holidays... before Christmas Eve!  Usually I am just throwing my own decorations together and this year I finally decided to start early, and put my talents to work in my own house!  Needless to say, I have 5 Christmas trees, wreaths in just about every room, swags, outside porch archway 9ft X 2ft garland, 2 6ft pencil trees on the porch, 9ft X 2ft garland on the stairway railing going to my 2nd floor not to mention all the snowmen arrangements throughout!  

My poor husband saw me working like a banchee and of course I had to do it myself, because I'm way too fussy.  He just looked and said "you need to stop, you don't have to do all this, it only has to come down and somebody has to put it away" !  I know exactly what he was thinking.... "I'm going to have to put this all away" and yep he is right haha! :)  But it does look beautiful, he and the kids love it and I'm happy I took the time and did it the right way! I plan on keeping it all up for awhile though, to enjoy ;)  (sneak peek below)
Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying their families and friends, and having a wonderful holiday weekend!  I'll try to be more attentive to my blog... After the New Year I will be busy in my shop working on Valentines Day and St. Patricks Day Wreaths and Arrangements.... I'm really excited about it!  I have alot of great unique ideas... Can't wait to get started.  It's been a great first year on Etsy and in my shop, and I'm hoping for an even better 2012... especially since I am now unemployed and now self employed!  I couldn't be happier in my new endeavor, hoping to open my shop in the Fall to the public and I'm really looking forward to a Great New Year!     

Have a great Christmas!  Sandy

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Us!!!!!

Well, this is certainly not craft related or Etsy related, as I write just about everything anyway, but it's really a day I kind of reflect back on so many years ago.  I feel it's so important to step outside of where we are today and think of what our 26th Wedding Anniversary really means to me..... My husband and I actually met when I was 18, although he says he used to watch me play little league baseball. I was a pitcher and I have to admit at 11, I was pretty good....haha... I loved it!  It wasn't until I was 18 when we met.  You can laugh now.... yes "at a disco"  haha!!!! And yes I was underage, but honestly didn't drink.  My friends and I just danced from when we got there... until we left.  Those were, as we 50 somethings say, were the good old days!  One night, there he was, walked over to me with the famous... really bad line ;)  are you ready...."Don't I know you from somewhere?"  ...not even kidding!  From that day on we were inseparable... I did believe him about the baseball thing, because seriously, who would know that?? That was 1978.  We dated for 5 years, got engaged, then married 2 years later. So more accurately 33 years later, and on our 26th Anniversary, 2 grown children, and 3 dogs later, brings me to today! We practically spent more than half our lives together, through great times, through tragedy, lots of laughs, tears, arguments, celebrations.... but I always ask my husband at every Anniversary dinner the same question and then he asks me the same one back, "if you had the chance, reflecting through all the years, would you do it all again?"  Every year, and I know we both honestly mean it, we both answer yes.... Our children are grown, our last one off to college in September and now we've come full circle..... There's is such a sense of victory and celebration on this anniversary for me... we've weathered every storm, we've successfully raised our children, though not always easy :)  I'm sure there will always be more hurdles to cross, more bickering to be done,  but for now I'll look forward to what the future has to hold, our sense of humor when we need it, the baseball games, the gardening we love to do, eating out more, the couch potato days, hanging in the pool, literally ;) (he's not a fan of swimming) the exercise we both hate, and watching the journey of our children unfold!  I have to say I'm so glad that we stayed strong when we had to, soft when we needed to, but always tried to never give up. I always believe you have to focus on the good in every day, it's there if you really look....:) and cherish all the milestones we've achieved together.

Happy Anniversary to us ;)

Enjoy the day!    Sandy

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Tuesday! Is it really???? Have a laugh on me :)

Well, today was another busy, crazy day..... the pool guy was coming early in the morning, 2 of my 3 dogs had to go to the groomers (I was embarrased to even take them... felt like an bad mother ;)  Had to leave poor Lola, the Pug, home alone.... she howled :(  Found out my son didn't get measured for his Tux for graduation ugggggggggg..... which, by the way is THIS Sunday, and had to go today.... oh and I forgot....all before I had to be at work for 3!  And so it began..... I attempt to remove Baby, the Poodle and Tasha, the Bischon from the sunroom... as I begin to put their leashes on Lola,  is patiently sitting there (which is not easy for her) for me to also put hers on.... she then realizes her leash isn't being snapped on :( so what does she do, she pulls her hanging leash from the shelf and drops it in front of me with that adorable pug mug staring at me and her curly tail wagging away.  I have attempted to take 3 of them at once before (crazy right???) and that's a whole other blog haha!  As I proceed to walk to the door, my little chubby darling starts biting my ankle and barking, realizing, she's staying home.  I quickly escaped only to hear her howling and crying as I run out the door with the other 2 dogs.... bad mother.....I drop them off, and surprisingly on time. Pool guy calls.... he's at my house almost done. Had my son go to get measured for his tux, by himself, (he is almost 19) ...feeling guilty anyway... bad mother yet again haha.... I had to get back to my house, but not before I realized I was passing the nursery where I usually treat myself to a rose bush or two or three.... you get the idea! My anniversary's tomorrow so....( I have a serious perennial addiction ;) found one, of course, a beautiful peachy yellow... just one because I had no time to look.. grabbed it and rushed to get home.... uh oh.... pool guy, sitting, sweating, and waiting for me.  Pay the bill...  Pool guy leaves.... I go into my house, you got it.... my phone rings.......  ( are you exhausted yet :)  the dogs are ready!!!  Hop back into the car pick up the dogs get back home and realize...... I have 15 minutes to get dressed and leave for work.... I really must live for this adrenaline rush thing because I actually made it to work on time.  Quite the accomplishment for today!!!!!  The pools opened, the dogs groomed, the son's tuxedo for graduation measured and ordered, even bought a rose bush for myself and work on time.....and believe it or not, came home from work, just a little exhausted.... haha....really hungry, to find that my husband surprised me and supper was waiting!  Ahhhhh.... So all in all it was really a happy, and very accomplished, exhausting, Tuesday and most importantly, Lola the Pug forgave me, ( I slipped her a bone ;) ......

PS. Back to wreaths and arrangements tomorrow.... day off!

Have a wonderful night!