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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Perennial Addiction!

It's been awhile since I had the time to sit and blog. Since Easter I've been pretty busy with the holiday and  Mother's Day.  I'm by no means complaining.... It's been really nice to have my family together.  We ate out alot (which I LOVE) saw a lot of AAA Yankee games (which I also LOVE) and spent some really nice quality time together!  My daughter was in for those two weekends and it was soooo nice having some girl time, no offense to my 3 dogs, Lola, Baby and Tasha or my husband and my son, haha :)  

Also, Spring is in the air and that also means ALOT of work around the yard!  We have lots of trees which means LOTS of leaves and cleanup. I LOVE to do gardening and I've been noticing so many perennials that I forgot I planted popping up underneath all those leaves.  The grass is the greenest I've ever seen and my rose bushes (about 25 of them) look so healthy,  I can't wait to see them when they bloom!  I've been hibernating in the house all winter and it has been such a rainy spring, this was the first time I really looked around and realized just how beautiful nature truly is.... the joy it brings me to see life springing up all around me, the vibrant colors, the beautiful birds in the garden.  I just love it!  I am finally feeling that the warm weather and summer may actually be coming....  I went out by our "still covered" pool to rake some old leaves and clean up little with the help of my three dogs, (as you can see.. absolutely NO help!  :)  and saw my gorgeous wisteria tree in full bloom!  How beautiful it is and it smells so amazing, it's such a shame that it only lasts a short while.  But I know as soon as the wisteria tree loses its flowers the rest of the gardens start magically appearing one by one, plant by plant...

I started my gardens about 10 years ago and tried to time the bloom times so I'm never without color in my yard! It started out with "just a couple" perennials, as I told my husband, then the addiction began....I soon started reading perennial planting books.  I couldn't get in my car without passing any and every nursery and garden center, loading up my SUV to the point where I could barely see out my windows, and of course while my unsuspecting husband was at work. When the sales persons start to know me by name in every place I stopped, it can't  be good.... haha!  I would even buy the poor dead plants so I could plant them for the upcoming year..... Before I knew it, I was digging out grass to accommodate my wonderful addiction!

Now, a little note about my husband and his yard...... NO ONE can touch his grass!! He loves working on the yard, the pool, shaping and cutting the trees, one branch at a time haha! I didn't think he would notice every year we were "quadrupling" the amount of beautiful plants around our home.  He never really said anything, it looked beautiful.....UNTIL I DUG UP HIS GRASS..... and in more than one area!  I tried to justify it by saying it would be less grass to cut and that I will take care of all my gardens throughout the yard.  I did hold up my end of the bargain.  He eventually did get over it, and even supported my habit by buying me new rose bushes for our anniversary and Mother's Day!  I do have to say that I had to cut back on my lovely habit because it got VERY expensive and the guilt started to sink in. I came up with a new idea from a fellow gardener and started taking cuttings and dividing alot of the perennials I already have throughout my garden and just transplanting them into new areas.... Thank goodness I have a big yard :) I do have to say, with the beautiful days we've been having...... I'm starting to get that old feeling.... that I have to get in my car and visit some of my flower stomping grounds, but I'll try and keep it under control.  I do have an anniversary coming up, so I hope I have a new addition to my overabundant garden :)  I guess there's worse things in the world to be addicted to and not nearly as satisfying and beautiful as mine :) ..............

Enjoy the day!      Sandy

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