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Welcome I've been a very busy wife, mother, puppy sitter, wreath & silk floral designer for 25+ yrs. I've been interest in beautiful designs for as long as I remember. I've dreamed about having my own shop, where I can design & create pieces that are not only beautiful but unique & very colorful. That dream is now a reality! A huge thanks to my husband for donating office space for me, my son for all his help when needed & finally my daughter Melissa, a NYC Director of Marketing & Digital Media for teaching me about business, marketing & turning my hobby into a growing business. It started out just for family & friends, craft shows, open houses, now ETSY, eBay, twitter, & Facebook. Since I am now an official empty nester, I've expanded my business to decorating homes, business storefronts for the holidays, & staging homes for realtors. I really love what I do. I'll be happy to share my thoughts, decorating tips, creative ideas, my daily, sometimes crazy thoughts & adventures in the life of a mom, wife, floral/ holiday/home staging designer etc... Enjoy! Sandy

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Is Spring Really Coming?

Good morning!

It's Tuesday and it was so nice to wake up to my daughter Melissa's phone call and the birds chirping this morning!  Where is the sunshine??  I haven't been in my back yard all winter (I HATE the cold)  and peeked out today and to my surprise all my beautiful Iris's are starting to pop up!!  So nice to see, ok so I guess Spring is here. I really need the season to change. it's time.  I love being able to go out in my yard with my 3 dogs (featured picture today) running around playing while I putz around my garden, ahhhhh.... can't wait!

Oh well, it's back to work for me today after having 2 days off so I'll be giving my crafty hands a little break until tonight.  Last night went to my shop reorganized my work space so I can start all over again.  I can't create in total chaos, organized chaos yeah but not total. haha!  I did take some pictures of my work space to share where the creative juices flow.  I also took some pictures of how I do what I do.  It's a pretty simple process setting up....then comes the best part, putting it all together!  I hope when I get home today after supper, laundry, dishes, taking care of the dogs, I can sit down and post them ;)

Anyway, I have to get ready for work, my part time job, come home to my family and puppies, my full time job, and then to the shop, my stress relief job, haha!

Enjoy the day!  I'll blog later...........