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Welcome I've been a very busy wife, mother, puppy sitter, wreath & silk floral designer for 25+ yrs. I've been interest in beautiful designs for as long as I remember. I've dreamed about having my own shop, where I can design & create pieces that are not only beautiful but unique & very colorful. That dream is now a reality! A huge thanks to my husband for donating office space for me, my son for all his help when needed & finally my daughter Melissa, a NYC Director of Marketing & Digital Media for teaching me about business, marketing & turning my hobby into a growing business. It started out just for family & friends, craft shows, open houses, now ETSY, eBay, twitter, & Facebook. Since I am now an official empty nester, I've expanded my business to decorating homes, business storefronts for the holidays, & staging homes for realtors. I really love what I do. I'll be happy to share my thoughts, decorating tips, creative ideas, my daily, sometimes crazy thoughts & adventures in the life of a mom, wife, floral/ holiday/home staging designer etc... Enjoy! Sandy

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Terrible No Good Very Bad Day...... Enjoy!

Today is Wednesday and is usually my day off.  First off I'll start by saying I am extremely organized with appointments.... reminder alarms on my phone, reminder cards in my car etc. not to mention the confirmation calls from the appts.  I had planned on getting so much done today, then it begins.....I  get up at 6:30am, made my son pancakes, made myself really delicious banana whole wheat pancakes then remembered I had an appt.  I start to panick thinking "it was a fasting appt." ugggggg!!! I just ate pancakes... I called the office to check, they said it wasn't until next week,  whew.....then my reminder alarm goes off....I do have an appt. but not the fasting one.  Not only did I have that one .... they informed me that I had another one....ready......in the same building....."2" hours later!  While I had "2" hours to kill I decided to go to the ATT store to get internet on my phone, it was pouring, no umbrella, got soaked, go in standing there dripping, an older gentleman walked in after me, the key word here is after ;).  After waiting 25 minutes shivering because they had the air conditioning on, (are you laughing yet????) ATT guy finally asks if he could help who's next. Here it gets better, the older gentleman jumped in front of me and says I am.... ATT guy took him first. At this point I thought about leaving, or crying.... but DID NOT want to come back. OK, finally get ATT guy, he hooked me up with the internet, I'm now feeling I at least accomplished something, he shows me what to do, he says "you're all set to go".......NOT.  I go to my car try the internet, you got it... it doesn't work, BLACK SCREEN. Back to ATT guy,  checks it again does something.... IT WORKS! Now I have...yes only 15 minutes to get to my other appt. Go to my car try again, yay!  IT WORKS, getting ready to pull out and ATT guy is chasing my car in the rain..... I roll down the window and he says "sorry I forgot to put the back on your phone.... REALLY ???? I was pleasant, smiled and said "thanks"and went to my 2nd appt. Now I'm almost done....My husband and I are YANKEE FANS and live near the AAA Yankee Stadium with season tickets. The season opener was tonight and we couldn't wait to go after the day I had, I couldn't wait to go. This is the best, the temperature drops and yes you guessed it.....  it pours. So needless to say, this is the reason I'm sitting here doing this blog :) But I'm dry and got this all off my chest for you to enjoy!!!! So maybe I just needed to do this... relax...take a craft break and enjoy a quiet evening at home watching the Yankees on tv, while I'm sipping tea ;) I must say after today, it's well deserved! Tomorrows another day.........   :)



  1. Sandy,
    Sipping my tea, right now.... Smiling at your frustrating day (well, not that you were frustrated but the things that seemed to happen to you). I can sympathize! Enjoy the ballgame and your tea! Relax! Your post was enjoyable! Carol (From Carol's Jewelry Orchard)

  2. I thought I'd share this adorable book that I got my title from for my blog on Thursday....I bought if for my daughter somewhere around the "terrible two's" and we both loved it and never forgot til this day.... 21 years later!

    Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day