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Welcome I've been a very busy wife, mother, puppy sitter, wreath & silk floral designer for 25+ yrs. I've been interest in beautiful designs for as long as I remember. I've dreamed about having my own shop, where I can design & create pieces that are not only beautiful but unique & very colorful. That dream is now a reality! A huge thanks to my husband for donating office space for me, my son for all his help when needed & finally my daughter Melissa, a NYC Director of Marketing & Digital Media for teaching me about business, marketing & turning my hobby into a growing business. It started out just for family & friends, craft shows, open houses, now ETSY, eBay, twitter, & Facebook. Since I am now an official empty nester, I've expanded my business to decorating homes, business storefronts for the holidays, & staging homes for realtors. I really love what I do. I'll be happy to share my thoughts, decorating tips, creative ideas, my daily, sometimes crazy thoughts & adventures in the life of a mom, wife, floral/ holiday/home staging designer etc... Enjoy! Sandy

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Today was my Spring Craft Show For a Cause!

This is long, sorry, but it's funny!  Woke up this morning and the sun was shining......what a great start to a beautiful day!  I had a Spring Craft Fair that was a benefit for the Chrohns Disease and Colitis Foundation, in support of "Kaylas's Krew" My daughter "found" the craft fair advertised on Craigs List of all places.  (she is my self proclaimed "business manager" after all....thank goodness!!) The morning started off wonderful.  I packed my SUV up the night before had everything ready to go, very organized, I was determined.....NOT TO BE LATE.  The only thing I left until the morning was to print my flyer's, they were already typed, I was all set................so I thought.......

I get up around 7:00am thinking I can enjoy the morning sunshine, have my coffee in the sunroom with my 3 dogs, relax and enjoy the morning.  Before I go down, I press print on my "ready to go" flyer's and grab my robe, come back to check and.....................UGGGGGGGGG the printer decides to run out of ink, only making 7 copies.... now I go into panic mode.  The craft show is at 10, set up is at 9:00... THIS IS NOT GOOD...I realized Walmart is 5 minutes away.... no time to get out of pjs... do I dare go to Walmart with pajamas on at 7:15 in the morning-in my own neighborhood........then I remember my daughter showing me a video on You Tube dedicated solely to "Walmart People" yes, "Walmart People" it's actually true and soooo very funny and now.... thats right .....I AM ONE OF  THEM!!!!!  I threw my long sweater on over my pajamas now 7:45 in the morning in my own neighborhood and went to Walmart to get the @#$%&* printer ink.  No coffee, no sunroom with my dogs, definitely not relaxing....at all.  Get to Walmart... not too many cars, thank goodness, at this point I didn't even care go back to the printer ink aisle, searched all over...o yes.... you guessed it ( I'm not making this up haha!)  out of the 93 and 92 ink, no where to be found!  Then an angel came from the back room, after looking for someone to help me for 10 minutes,  wearing a Walmart uniform asking if I needed help, AS the reminder alarm is going off on my phone..."craft show set up in 30 minutes" He was unloading new ink combo packs in ... yes!!!!  93 and 92's. Grabbed it out of his hand, did manage to say thanks and ran in my pajamas and long sweater to check out.  

Ok, now you've got to be kidding.....15 registers and only 1 lit up...with about 10 people in line.... some of whom were dressed just like me haha.....tick tick tick as I run over to the courtesy desk begging for them to let me check out there. Another nice person...ahhhhh.  I run out rush to get home get out of my car and now I call in the troops..... Thank God my husband was up he, reluctantly I might add ;)  took my SUV over to the craft fair, unloaded it for me, set up what he could while I finished printing the @#$%^ flyer's....  I throw my cloths on, put makeup on in the car, (I know not a good idea :) grab my purse, and flyer's and go, time is ticking and it is 9:55.  Thank goodness the church is 10 minutes away.  I get there in 5 minutes..... and without getting a ticket haha! Rush in.. hoping people won't be there until I was there tidy up a little, and finally just sit and breathe........... there were still a few vendors coming in so I didn't feel too bad.... but o my goodness, what it took for me to get there!  

I went to say hello to Ramonda, the wonderful person in charge of this event!  Walked around to look at the lovely items, then went back to my tables.  The sun was still shining, now it was a better day.  I'm here, I'm ready, I'm sitting around really nice people, and we wait.  It wasn't a very busy day and Ramonda felt so bad. She did everything she could to promote this great event for a good cause, and put her heart into it.  But I learned something today.....instead of feeling that it was a waste of time, it was quite the opposite.  There were quite a few vendors, so many nice people, I met people I never knew before, lots of smiles, good conversations, good coffee, (finally got my coffee, haha :) great antipasto bread and the satisfaction of knowing we all at least contributed to something good, a cause Ramonda worked very hard for. Sure we were all there to make money,  but I left there feeling that it didn't really matter today how much I sold, I was just glad I was there, glad I met the people I did, glad to contribute to something that really mattered.....    

                                                   Some pictures to enjoy from today!

Enjoy your day!   Sandy

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